On-Chain Music Infrastructure

ATIV makes positive feedback loop on the music industry. ATIV provides an environment in which the benefits of creations are redistributed not only to producers but also to other parties of music industry.

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Token System

NFT System

ATIV Music NFTs are issued to promote and represent the assets(copyright) held by the ATIV Foundation under the contract with the creator.

NFT owners can participate in exclusive activities provided by the ATIV Foundation and 3rd parties and receive rewards for their actions.

ATIV Music NFT consists of Side A and Side B. Each contains unique NFT information and activity histories, making NFT even more special.

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ATIV's Goal

1. Resolving unbalances in music industry

ATIV changes the disproportionate profit distribution structure in the music industry.

Music is a cultural content shared by people all over the world, and the music industry's revenue comes from listeners and fans. As fans and curators, they promote and enjoy the music they love. Through this, music, artists, and production companies gain marketing effectiveness and revenue.

Although the revenue comes from listeners and fans in a decentralized manner, the music industry's revenue distribution is producer-oriented and region-based centralized.

2. Activation of promotion participants and other parties

ATIV rewards participants for their activities in the promotion and consumption of music. This system offers them greater satisfaction and makes them more active participants.

3. Activation of new creators

Many creators face practical challenges(sound production costs, marketing networks, etc.). ATIV supports community-driven creator discovery. Through this, the community activates high-potential creators and develops the industry.

- Discover high-potential creators and support production costs

- Community-driven creator accelerating



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